New ‘digital trust exchange’ removes risks of managing PII of job applicants.


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Published: April 7, 2021

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New ‘digital trust exchange’ removes risks of managing PII of job applicants

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As explored in a recent article published by SC Magazine, the process of applying for a job can risk an applicant’s personal information if the potential employer’s network is compromised—and such compromises, when they do occur, expose a large amount of applicants’ personal information. For example, a reported data breach in November 2020 exposed roughly 58,000 job applicants who applied to work for a video game developer, CapCom.

Trua, with its digital trust exchange, allows job applicants to prove their trustworthiness and background credentials without the need to provide personal information to prospective employers. This new approach protects applicants from potential data breaches at organizations they apply to, and in return, Trua protects organizations from the liability of holding applicants’ personal information.

In addition, Trua provides applicants with transparency of what is being included in their reports—which ensures applicants have the opportunity to dispute incorrect information before it’s shared with a prospective employer.

You can learn more about Trua, including an interview with Endera Systems’ CEO, Raj Ananthanpillai, by reading the full SC Magazine article here.

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