What Exactly is TruaScore?

TruaScore™ is the unbiased, objective measure of Trust in a single score that allows you to establish trust without directly exchanging sensitive personal information. Whether you are a business hiring or self-employed and looking for work, Trua redefines how we build trust.


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How It All Adds Up.

To create a TruaScore, our patented algorithms review the results from the individual’s identity, education, credentials, and court records. ID verification uses advanced facial comparison. Profiles are built on the blockchain for authenticity. Score building uses over 410 million complex computations. Different aspects of the score are weighted based on the seriousness and recency of the event. The individual reviews the score and controls where they share it.

Group 1874


Are you who you say you are?

Group 1875


Educational experience and degrees

Group 1876

Court Records

Criminal history, liens and judgments, bankruptcy, lawsuits and foreclosures

Group 1877

Professional Credentials

Professional licenses, health care licenses

Group 1878

Financial Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer checks

Gain Trust with Trua.

A TruaScore gives you a competitive edge by proving the individual is exactly who they say they are, from identity to credentials to background. Unlike a traditional background check that sends a report and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to a third party, a TruaScore is sent first to the individual to verify and share. Our applicant-centric process eliminates inaccuracy, disputes, and anxiety associated with a black box traditional background screening process.

Illustration of Gain Trust with Trua.

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