What Exactly is TruaScore?

TruaScore™ is the unbiased, objective measure of Trust in a single score that allows you to establish trust without directly exchanging sensitive personal information. Whether you’re evaluating, employing or looking for work, Trua is redefining how we build trust.


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How It All Adds Up.

To create a TruaScore, our patented algorithms review data from nationwide databases covering identity, education, credentials and court records. Using advanced facial comparison, Natural Language Processing, blockchain and over 410 million complex computations, that data is synthesized into a single trust score. Different aspects of the score are weighted and scored based on the seriousness and recency of the event.

Group 1874


Are you who you say you are?

Group 1875


Educational experience and degrees

Group 1876

Court Records

Criminal history, liens and judgments, bankruptcy, lawsuits and foreclosures

Group 1877

Professional Credentials

Professional licenses, health care licenses

Group 1878

Financial Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer checks

Gain Trust with Trua.

A TruaScore can quickly help you gain a competitive edge by proving to any potential employers that you are exactly who you say you are, from your identity to your credentials and background. Unlike a traditional background check that requires sharing your Personally Identifiable Information (PII), with TruaScore you know exactly what information is being shared and your PII is never shared. The person hiring you can use your TruaScore instead of doing a traditional background check.

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Private, Secure and Easy.

Built on 15 years of expertise in data and security, Trua makes it easy to quickly and safely establish trust with others. Businesses and private employers no longer need to store sensitive personal information and job seekers don’t need to provide it to multiple employers during a job search

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Stay in Control of Your Data.

We understand that keeping personal information private is important. That’s why Trua lets you decide what information can been seen, when it can be seen and who can see it – providing transparency for both sides of the process.

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The Steps to Get Started

Getting your TruaScore is easy, and only takes a few minutes. All you need is an email address, a US mobile phone, and a US driver’s license to confirm your identity and secure your account.

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Create an Account

Create an account. Choose a password. Then verify your email and phone.


Confirm Details

Scan your US drivers license and take a selfie with your mobile phone and verify that the information is correct.


Add Info

Add your education history and optional professional license information.


Share Score

You’re ready to share your score with your potential employer or whoever you choose to share with.


A TruaScore is a simple and objective way for you to share your credibility with others and establish trust. Rather than divulge unnecessary personal information to other people, you can share your TruaScore instead.

A TruaScore is a great way to verify your identity, prove trust and reinforce reputation in any situation that requires you to share personal information. Use it for job opportunities, gig work, freelance work, personal or financial relationships. TruaScores are great for anyone interested in improving professional and personal networking without putting their private data at risk.

We only provide TruaScores directly to individuals. Scores are for the sole use of the TruaScore Owner and cannot be transferred to another person.

Create a TruaScore account in just a few minutes—to get started, all you need is a valid email address, a US driver’s license, and a US mobile phone number. Our process involves 3 simple steps; create your account, verify your identity and complete your TruaScore profile. We’ll ask you to enter personal information and then may ask you to review the information that we find about you from court records and public data sources.

The process is typically completed in just a few minutes. If you’ve had multiple names or many addresses, the review process may take a few more minutes longer. However, unlike other screening or background search processes, a TruaScore is calculated as soon as a TruaScore profile is completed.

The TruaScore includes data that you provide, and data gathered from many court and public records. When creating your account and completing your TruaScore profile you’ll provide identity information, education history, and any professional licenses you hold. Once your TruaScore profile is complete, Trua gathers your background data and applies a proprietary algorithm to analyze and score. Our proprietary algorithm continuously monitors and updates your score.

TruaScore Owners have the opportunity to review information used to calculate their score. If the information does not look right, we have a simplified dispute process that allows you to challenge inaccurate data immediately.

TruaScores can only be shared by you to another person or a business. When a TruaScore is shared, none of the underlying Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as social security number or driver’s license details are disclosed. Only the score preview that has been approved by you. You have control over who and how long others can see your score. Unlike with traditional consumer reports, recipients of your score only see what you choose to share with them.

Trua never publicly displays or shares your TruaScore, and third parties may not request scores without the Owner’s knowledge.

You can request TruaScore directly from a TruaScore Owner. Should they wish to share their TruaScore with you then you’ll be notified and can securely view their TruaScore.

TruaScore Owners cannot get a score on behalf of someone else. The TruaScore is only available to the subscribing individual.

Trua protects your data in several ways.

First, your data is fully encrypted and securely stored. We make sure that access to your data and your score requires secure authentication and you are in control.

Next, the TruaScore eliminates the need for you to share your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) repeatedly. Use your TruaScore as a safer alternative to sharing sensitive information like your Social Security or other PII. You provide your information to Trua one time. Your TruaScore communicates to those you share your score with that you have verified and validated data. This also means that those you share with won’t have a copy of your PII that might inadvertently be accessed by third parties.

Finally, you decide who sees your TruaScore. Share only with those you choose to and remove access to your TruaScore when no longer needed by others.


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