Why Airbnb Took a Hands-On Approach to Trust

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Published: February 11, 2021

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CEO Brian Chesky says Airbnb stopped being a 'hands-off' platform earlier than other tech companies because customers got 'physically hurt'

Authored by Tyler Sonnemaker, published on insider.com

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When it comes to businesses and services that directly facilitate in-person interactions, there will always be a risk for something to go wrong. Whether it be a form of violence or an act of discrimination, the best we do is be prepared. However, that’s not always the case. Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky told Business Insider, “At Airbnb, we learned lessons earlier than big tech companies, because we had people getting their homes trashed, we had people getting physically hurt or worse.” This is why Airbnb now requires background checks to better vet hosts and guests. A move only taken once a shooting left five dead in California. To regain trust in Airbnb, the company began to better vet guests, hosts, and homes starting in October 2019.

Another problem Airbnb was facing was unauthorized parties, party houses, and the violence that comes with them. Trashed homes led to convictions, creating a new level of distrust on the platform. To combat illegal activity, Airbnb changed its community moderations to now include proper vetting.

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The article mentioned above was published on Business Insider. Read the full article.


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