Endera Looks to Replace Background Checks With Trua Trust Scores


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Published: March 23, 2021

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Endera Looks to Replace Background Checks With Trua Trust Scores

Published on MobileIDWorld.com
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As recently reported by MobileID World, the Trua Trust Exchange was featured as a new solution that will eliminate the need for traditional background checks. Trua, which the publication compared to a credit score (but for more comprehensive background information), pulls verified information from court records, educational records, watch lists, and other verified data sources to generate a quantifiable Trust Score for each user—ranging from zero to 360.

In addition to the practical benefits of quickly vetting individuals using trusted data sources, Trua is unique in that it provides individuals with more control over their personally identifiable information (PII) and allows users to prove their trustworthiness without the need to exchange sensitive personal information. This in return empowers individuals requesting background information, including companies, to evaluate a person’s background and trustworthiness without having to hold personally identifiable information that could create a liability.

While traditional background checks for employment purposes will often not allow a prospective employee or contractor to verify the information contained on file, TruaScore provides the opportunity for users to verify their background information prior to sharing.

TruaScores are also continuously updated, reflecting the most recent background information available for a user from a wide variety of verified sources. Businesses that are interested in utilizing the TruaScore system may also configure a custom dashboard that evaluates background information for its employees based on custom-defined criteria.

Since each user’s privacy is incredibly important, Trua notably will never sell users’ data to third parties, and each user is in complete control of his or her TruaScore and profile data, including who can see his or her TruaScore.

You can learn more about TruaScore’s privacy policy by clicking here.

The article mentioned above was published on mobileidworld.com . Read the full article.


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