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Find quality candidates faster and easier. Trua saves you time by allowing you to verify identity, education, credentials and court records with one simple trust score. Since potential employees control and maintain their own scores your business saves the expense of doing background checks by third parties and needs to retain less Personally Identifiable Information.


Behind the Score.

Trua’s cutting-edge algorithms use advanced facial recognition, Natural Language Processing and Blockchain to create a single trust score from key data. More than a simple background check, Trua synthesizes data from multiple nationwide databases to verify identity, education, credentials, criminal history and more.

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Are you who you say you are?

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Educational experience and degrees

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Court Records

Criminal history, liens and judgments, bankruptcy, lawsuits and foreclosures

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Professional Credentials

Professional licenses, health care licenses

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Financial Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer checks

Trua Trust Exchange

The Trua Trust exchange is a secure network for businesses to evaluate their workforce’s Risk. An individual’s TruaScore is always up-to-date, enabled by our patented continuous evaluation engine. Businesses can invite their associates to connect with the reassurance that once a connection is made, any changes in the score will be available to them. An individual’s records are verified by multiple sources to ensure legitimacy and are cryptographically signed and stored on a blockchain to provide a chain of custody of all data sources applied in the validation.

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Seamless API Integration.

Trua is a seamless, customizable solution that simplifies your hiring workflow. Our platform easily integrates into existing software to make your hiring process faster and smarter than ever before. The Trua API makes it easy to integrate the exchange into existing HRMS or applicant tracking systems. We also offer a variety of cloud-based delivery mechanisms for customers that prefer batch updates.

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96% of all employers conduct background checks.


In 2019, 1,473 breeches were recorded with 165M records exposed.


60 million U.S. workers currently participate in the gig economy; the majority of U.S. workers will be on contract by 2027.


The gross volume of the gig economy is expected to exceed $450 billion by 2023.

Less Risk and More Secure.

With a TruaScore, holding onto sensitive personal information for potential employees is a thing of the past. We provide a secure and safe trust exchange for both the applicant and evaluator, reducing your liability during risk events such as security breaches.

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The Results You Want.

We understand that businesses have different requirements when looking for candidates. That’s why, in addition to the universal TruaScore, we allow you to request a customized score to meet the specific needs of your business, from specific court records, education requirements, to professional licenses.

Illustration of The Results You Want.


The TruaScore is a simple and objective way to evaluate the credibility of others and establish trust. The TruaScore confirms an individual’s identity, criminal history, financial and civil records, and the person’s capabilities like education, professional licenses. Each type of record is included in the TruaScore calculation. Different aspects of the score are weighted and scored based on the seriousness and recency of the event.

TruaScores are created by each TruaScore Owner. Individuals share their TruaScore directly with you through the Trua Trust Exchange—there is no need for the usual background check documentation and releases required for a third party to process information. Since no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is contained in the score details, there is no need to worry about managing and guarding any personal information.

Our approach allows for a holistic view of a person’s trustworthiness and the range is 0-360 representing a 360-degree view of an individual.  Individuals with TruaScores verify and confirm their identity and background data before sharing their TruaScore with your company.


The same scoring method is applied to everyone, regardless of race, income, education level, etc. We take special care to minimize bias and our scoring method is bias free as only objective data is used in our scoring methods.

The TruaScore includes data that an individual subscriber provides along with data gathered from court and public records. When creating an account and completing a TruaScore profile, subscribers provide identity information, education history, and optional details about professional licenses. Once a TruaScore profile is complete, Trua gathers data from many sources and applies a patented and proprietary algorithm to analyze and develop a score.


The TruaScore is calculated using the data provided by the subscriber and data collected from court and public records. TruaScore Owners can review data used in their score to ensure accuracy. Our proprietary algorithm continuously monitors and updates the subscriber’s scores regularly.

TruaScores are not subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) because we do not provide third parties’ reports for any purposes. TruaScores are sold directly to consumers who may use them at his/her discretion for any purpose. Such use falls outside of the FCRA and FCRA reporting requirements.


TruaScores and Trua are still subject to the consumer protection regulations and oversight of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state entities. For example, Trua is subject to important UDAAP and privacy protections related to the use of its information.

Data found in third-party data searches is not editable by a score owner and the score cannot be changed by the TruaScore owner. Some personal data like name and date of birth are also not editable. Other data may be editable such as current email address and phone number.

Our platform regularly scans thousands of external data sources. Data is securely gathered and processed using proprietary data integrations and ID-matching algorithms. The score is updated when we find conviction data for criminal offenses, sex offender registrations and, civil records including bankruptcy, liens & judgments, lawsuits and, foreclosures.


If a score changes, you will receive a notification with an updated score within 48 hours of the change.  View scores in your Trua dashboard where you’ll always see the latest score.

We have a robust set of APIs that make integrating to the Trua Exchange a very straightforward procedure.  For more information on our APIs, please see the Resource Center or contact us.

Trua is committed to maintaining the highest operational standards to protect data and to ensure compliance with federal and international requirements. Trua utilizes advanced levels of authentication, encryption, and data security protocols. For detailed information please contact us.

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