Validate and Verify Your Workforce

Trua saves you time and cost by providing verified identity, court record, education, and professional credentials. Since candidates verify and share their information, a Trua score is not a third-party report. No more Disputes or Adverse Action with a candidate-verified report.


Trua clients have a competitive advantage

Healthcare Staffing

Trua clients accelerate placements and increase retention.

  • Always current TruaScore satisfies client requirements.
  • Clinicians stay with you to keep their TruaScore active.
  • Trua alerts clinicians when credentials require updating.
  • Reduce background screening costs up to 75%


Verify identity and build trust among your marketplace participants

  • Optimized for Zero Trust security frameworks
  • Members appreciate instant identity verification (IDV)
  • Safety screen violent crimes and sex offender registries
  • Members control sharing and never disclose PII

Seasonal Hiring

Ramp up seasonal hiring from a pool of monitored candidates.

  • Background screen once and rehire year after year.
  • Staff up faster with prescreened candidates.
  • Retain your best talent
  • Improve the onboarding experience for all involved

Home Health

Protect your business and your vulnerable customers.

  • Provide higher assurance for your clients
  • In-home staff share verified information, not their PII
  • Always current TruaScore satisfies client requirements
  • Monitors background and credentials
Illustration of Trua clients have a competitive advantage

Behind the Score.

Trua screening includes advanced facial recognition, natural language processing (NLP) and blockchain to assemble verified trust credentials and create a trust score. Trua synthesizes data from public records and trusted data sources to verify identity, education, credentials, criminal history and more. Trua score and summary of verified credentials do not reveal private PII like traditional reports. 

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Accelerated identity verification improves user experience, accuracy, and onboarding speed.

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Court Records

Minimize risks with monitored criminal history, and optional bankruptcies, lawsuits, and foreclosures.

Civil records (1)

Watchlists & Sanctions (WLS)

Meet Compliance requirements with OFAC, OIG, Patriot Act, and sex offender list monitoring.

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Verify educational experience quickly and easily in the same Trua profile.

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Professional Credentials

Add professional licenses, including health care licenses, for specialized positions.

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Motor Vehicle Records (MVR)

Add a comprehensive MVR report for anyone entrusted with driving responsibilities.

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Financial Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer checks

Trua Extends Trust

Trust relationships extend beyond a point-in-time. Trust credentials should, too. Traditional background screens go stale. A Trua score is always current thanks to our patented monitoring engine. Changes in status are reported to the Trua score owner and a status is updated with the employer, business or customer. Contractors, traveling nurses, or gig economy workers can share their Trua score with multiple organizations to expedite onboarding.

Illustration of Trua Extends Trust

Seamless API Integration.

Trua simplifies your hiring workflow. Our platform easily integrates with existing software to accelerate onboarding and improve candidate experience. The Trua API integrates with your HRMS or applicant tracking system. Trua can accommodate role-based security, group designations and batch processing.

Illustration of Seamless API Integration.

FAQs for Employers

The TruaScore is a simple and objective way to evaluate credibility and establish trust. The Trua screening process confirms an individual’s identity, and selected trust credentials like criminal history, financial and civil records, driving record, education, and professional licenses. Each attribute impacts the TruaScore calculation through an expert-driven algorithm based on type, seriousness, and recency of the event.

Companies will onboard candidates faster with zero chance of disputes and an exceedingly better candidate experience. The candidate witnesses the progress, which eliminates all those candidate calls and emails checking on status. The candidate verifies the results and shares them with the company, eliminating accuracy disputes and adverse-action procedures. By simply having the candidate see the TruaScore first and share it, Trua eliminates worry of FCRA non-compliance.

The TruaScore owner verifies and confirms their identity and background data before sharing their TruaScore with your company. The same scoring method is applied every time, regardless of race, income, education level, etc. The standardized score model is bias free as only objective data is used in our scoring methods.

The TruaScore compares information that the individual provides against data gathered from court and public records. When creating a TruaScore profile, score owners provide identity information, education history, and optional details about professional licenses. Trua verifies information provided, checks criminal and public records (and civil court if requested), and applies a patented and proprietary algorithm to develop a score. Our proprietary algorithm continuously monitors and updates the scores regularly.

A TruaScore is not subject to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) because we do not provide third parties’ reports for any purposes. A TruaScore is provided directly to the consumer who may share it at their own discretion. Such use falls outside of the FCRA and FCRA reporting requirements.

TruaScore is subject to and compliant with the consumer protection of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and state entities. For example, Trua is subject to important UDAAP and privacy protections related to the use of its information.

The TruaScore and data found in a background search is not editable by the score owner. Inaccurate information held by a data provider may be challenged and corrected. Some profile information may be editable, such as current email address and phone number.

Our platform regularly scans thousands of external data sources to detect changes or updates to information included in a TruaScore. A score is updated when we find conviction data for criminal offenses, sex offender registrations, and civil records of bankruptcy, liens & judgments, lawsuits, and foreclosures that change information previously reported in the TruaScore.

If a score changes, the Score Owner is notified first before the updates occur where the TruaScore has been shared. Scores in the employer’s Trua dashboard will always reflect the latest score.

We provide a turnkey solution with an applicant dashboard and template invitation emails, and we have a simple API for integrating the Trua process into your workflow. Contact us today to improve your accuracy, costs, and candidate experience.

Trua is committed to maintaining the highest operational standards to protect data and to ensure compliance with federal and international requirements. Trua utilizes advanced levels of authentication, encryption, and data security protocols. For detailed information please contact us.

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