Embracing A Consumer-Centric Paradigm Shift In Data Privacy


Author: Trua

Published: September 16, 2021

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Embracing A Consumer-Centric Paradigm Shift In Data Privacy
Authored by Kwamina Williford and Brian Goodrich of Holland & Knight LLP on law360.com

Everyday people are looking for jobs, whether full time traditional employment, independent contractor, or freelance worker for multiple short term gigs. Most employers require applicants to go through a background check. Individuals, over and over, provide personal information including SSN to different employers and lenders, and for other transactions. These companies retain and share the individuals’ sensitive personal information to 3rd parties to obtain background and credit reports, subjecting companies and individuals to the risk of data breaches, loss of privacy and control of individuals’ data.

This article puts forth a new fundamental paradigm shift by putting the individual/consumer in control. In this new approach the consumer assembles their own background profile after they are authenticated. After their background profile is compiled, the individual has an opportunity to verify and correct any information and is in control of who to share it with and for how long. This reduces the risk for the individual, ensures only correct information about them is shared with employers, and reduces liability and regulatory risks for employers including sidestepping FCRA questions.

But how does this paradigm shift happen? Who or what serves as the platform to assemble the background profile on behalf of an individual? The answer – Trua.

Trua, provided by Endera Systems, had already seen the inequities and unnecessary complexities and risks with the current way of doing business and the need for fundamental change. Consumers have been crying out for protections. Government entities have been working to add protections, but it has all been built on the same paradigm and way of doing business.

We saw and acted on the need for a fundamental shift – an unbiased, consumer-centric approach putting the consumer in control – and formed and built Trua.

As requested by a consumer Trua performs identity proofing (ensuring the person is who they say they are), and assembles the consumer’s background profile. The consumer confirms the accuracy of the profile and provides a TruaScore report to the consumer that is controlled by the consumer. The consumer can share their TruaScore and report with a company or individual whenever they want and for any purpose, whether applying for a job or gig or any other reason, such as dating. The best part of TruaScore is it’s portable and reusable in perpetuity!

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